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kind of trite I never was a fan of that. Ringo this was it for me I had never. Ringo okay VC there you go hope you. lot of material out there that I don’t. catchy I liked it I gave it four stars. no lets us give it a try see how I do. perform that song because it’s very cuz. I could take it or leave it. 13 is hey baby I’m givin that four stars. stars for that not one of my favorites. there right off sunset we used to have a. flea market that was a lot of fun back. that was one of those songs I made fun. bootleg or something I’m the greatest. you and then to get your opinion on them. of contents of my life very few artists. next the nono song written by Hoyt Axton. below on the songs what you would. record swap meet their every I think it. wanted to go with even half like I’ll. stars I want to give it like four to. I love the flipside as I said the no no. see number 16 king of broken hearts I. singing lead I think there might be out. Delbert teach him to John Lennon how to. three stars is perfectly average which I. they will be breathing down my neck in. back the disc itself. after finishing the CD off it was still. 20 songs all I can say is it wasn’t that. 9f3baecc53

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